Engaged, Now What?

The love of your life popped the question and you said yes….OMG, you’re engaged, now what? The first thing to do is take it all in.  Sure you’ve got a wedding to plan, big or small, and you’re about to be bombarded by a ton of questions from friends and family…..but please take a minute to enjoy this new level in your relationship.

After, you’ve taken some time to revel in the joys of being engaged, it’s time to get down to brass tactics. There are many details to attend to now that you’re engaged and planning your wedding.  First thing… if your fiancé hasn’t already, insure your ring and visit the jeweler to find out the appropriate way to clean and care for your new ring.[/vc_column_text]

Next, discuss with each other first…..then your family these two things – the Budget and how many Guests. Once you have a good handle on these two things, hire a Wedding Planner and start your venue search. If you’re getting married in a popular month like October in Wine Country, you need to start your venue search early and a seasoned planner will help you find the venue that fits your design aesthetic, needs and budget.  So start thinking about what kind of venue you want to tie the knot in….

Once you have your planner and venue booked, next up is catering and photography.  Depending on the venue, your caterer might be required to select a caterer from the venue’s preferred list. When considering your caterers, also think about your bar needs…..will they provide a bar tender, do they have a full liquor license, is there a benefit to me providing the alcohol and them serving or do I need to get it all through them? About the bar…..if you’re hosting your event at a winery, most likely you will not be able to have a full bar, just wine, beer and champagne due to use permits

Photography – this is it’s one ball of wax……if I’m being honest, I design the magic and the photographer’s job is to capture the beauty  that makes you relive this beautiful day again and again with joy and delight.  Dark and moody….airy and light, photojournalistic, paparazzi style….you name it, there’s a photog to fit your style and energy.  I am constantly amazed at the talent behind the lens of some of our favorite photographers.

These are the key first elements to tackle on your wedding planning journey and I’ll be sharing more planning tips to come.  Want to discuss your wedding in more detail, give me a buzz and I’ll be happy to help.