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Wedding Insurance – What Every Bride and Groom Need To Know

Wedding Insurance What Every Bride and Groom Need To Know

Wedding Insurance What Every Bride and Groom Need To KnowPlan for the unexpected….

You’ve spent months or maybe even a year planning your dream wedding. The invitations are in the mail, the catering, flowers and cake ordered…everything is all set.  So what about those unforeseen circumstances….what’s your plan?

A light dusting of snow during your ceremony or first look could make for a stunning photo op….a blizzard….well that changes things. What about travel delays or something happens to the wedding cake or heaven forbid… your dress?

Why  Do We Need Wedding Insurance?

We’ve all heard the horror stories of wedding venues going out of business with no notice. Last year, one of my brides had the unfortunate experience of the dress shop where she bought her gown going out of business and never ordered her gown.  Thankfully, we found out early enough, got on the phone to the designer and we were able get the exact same dress she had fallen in love with in time….and because of wedding insurance…we didn’t have to pay for it twice.

So whether you are just beginning entering the final stages of your wedding planning, be sure to get wedding insurance.  Your venue is going to require at least $1 Million and in some cases, $2 Million in liability coverage.  If you’re planning a destination wedding, wedding insurance can cover all sorts of travel related issues.

Given that the average cost of a wedding in the Napa Valley  is in the neighborhood of $38,000…. it’s probably a smart thing to protect your investment. You wouldn’t buy a new car and not have insurance right?

What is Wedding/Special Event Insurance?

Wedding / Special Event Liability Insurance is a specialty insurance policy designed to protect and reimburse the named insured and/or Bride and Groom from certain types of claims and losses arising from accidents taking place during the wedding, reception, and rehearsal. Subject to the specific coverage terms, conditions and exclusions, wedding liability coverage can offer protection for the wedding couple if they are found liable for things such as damage to the facility caused by a guest or vendor, bodily injury to guests or even alcohol-related accidents.

Host Liquor Liability

Host Liquor Liability Insurance is an insurance term used to describe provides liability protection against bodily injury or property damage suits brought by parties injured as a result of an intoxicated guest who was served alcohol at an event you hosted

Where do I get Wedding Insurance?

Depending on your location and coverage, you may be able to purchase a policy through your homeowners insurance (check with your agent).  Other great options include companies like Wedsafe, The Event Helper and Special Event Insurance.

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